Congratulations on discovering the best way to explore New York City. As you’ve noticed by now, this isn’t a typical recommendation site.

  • Experiences not just locations | Most guides contain 3-4 destinations so you can make a day or evening out of it and really get to know the areas you explore.

  • More time enjoying, less time traveling | Most destinations are just a 5-10 minute walk apart so you can spend more time enjoying and less time stuck in a cab or on the subway. We’ve been there.

  • Locally curated | Every guide is crafted by someone who’s been there and experienced it so you can be certain your outing will deliver!

Maybe you’re preparing for your first visit to New York City and looking for recommendations on the best things to do while you’re in the City. Maybe you’re a long time local just looking for some fun ways to explore a new neighborhood or have a date night out. Either way, you now have the best outings curated by locals at your fingertips.



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Popular Neighborhoods


When downtown is a little too trendy and Midtown is a little too stuffy checkout these neighborhoods. Some of the best architecture, food, and drinks in the City.


World renowned shopping in SoHo, 24 hour nightlife on the LES, historical landmarks in the Financial District; the heart and mind of New York City is downtown.


Whether you’re tourist or born and raised in the City you will find yourself in Midtown on the reg. Might as well know the best spots, right?